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T-Pain & Hert - Baby Got Brap (Official Music Video)

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26 Nov 2023

Check out the music video for Baby Got Brap by T-Pain & Hert. A lot more is coming from Nappy Boy Automotive very soon!

Special thanks to Suppy, Grim B Bussin, Texas Speed, Auto Extremes, Dan Rue, Trae the Truth, and all of the members of the Nappy Boy Automotive community that came through with their RX-7s to help make this video an unforgettable experience.

Directed by T-Pain
Video production @rfatcats @iamrobertvalentino @gvisuals
Shot by @phillyflyboy
Edited by T-Pain
Colored by @phillyflyboy

Stream it here: https://music.empi.re/babygotbrap

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Official music video by T-Pain & Hert - "Baby Got Brap" © 2023

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