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20 Years of Neophyte Records (24/7 HARDCORE RADIO)

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14 Jun 2019

Tune in to the #1 Hardcore Music Radio
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Looking for a livestream to fuel your insatiable Hardcore needs? We got you covered!
Tune in to the "20 Years of Neophyte Records" Hardcore Radio and enjoy all our releases since the start of the label in 1999! 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Sit back, crank up the volume and enjoy!

To make this livestream enjoyable for everyone to watch, there are a couple of chat rules:

* No disrespect towards anyone in the chat.
* Excessive use of swearing will result in a timeout.
* Excessive use of CAPS will result in a timeout.
* No explicit content in the chat.
* Advertisement is not allowed and will result in a ban.
* Racism will result in a ban.
* Asking for subscribes or followers will result in a timeout.
* SPAM and repeated texts will result in a timeout.

---Livestream offline---
If the Stream is offline, please wait a moment. The stream should automatically continue once the network connection is restored.


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shepper1080 5 années depuis

pour info pour ajouter les radio de youtube c'est la même chose que pour le reste voila

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